Thursday, October 11, 2007

My First Blog

OK, I decided to see what this blog thing is all about. My students do it, my sister does it, so why not me? I'm a little intimidated, I must admit. What is the purpose blogging? I'm still not sure. An on-line journal? Why would anyone want to read about me and my musings? My sister writes an amazing blog about mommyhood. She's so insightful, so articulate, so wry. People do want to read her stuff. But, I'm not sure I can live up to her blogging standards. I'm not sure I can match her word for word, clever life observation for clever life observation.

Anyway, I decided to write a blog about teaching English in high school. Anyone who teaches knows this can be a very rewarding, but gut-wrenching, time-consuming experience. And other teachers know that sometimes you need an outlet in which to fully process these experiences--outside the teacher's workroom, that is.

My husband has been after me to write a book about teaching. He wants to call it "The Sex Teacher" because, admittedly, I do like to use and discuss racy literature in my classes. Well, if you can call The Scarlet Letter racy--which I can. So, I will write about that too...and just see if a book or anything worthwhile evolves.

If nothing else, maybe my readers (if I ever get any) can at least give me some good lesson plans.

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